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January 6th, 2019

I quite enjoy fussing around with restoring the look & feel of older operating systems. I've tried to duplicate looks from various periods - from the not-that-far-back 2012 to the 90's of course. And right now I've been playing around with WindowMaker, the NeXTstep/Openstep clone WM of sorts. It's been a very popular WM for quite some time, and it's continued existence makes for a good showcase of the variety present in the Linux ecosystem.

Now, WindowMaker is very configurable & customizable. Pretty much any element of the interface can be fine-tuned and it's appearance changed to a color/gradient/texture. Dockapps created for it are very stylish (wmix especially with it's classic CRT volume bar shown when turning it up/down!). It provides for a great Linux experience!

I only had one weird thing happen with it - I could not pin any items to the dock for some reason, but after a restart the problem went away. Anyways I'll provide a screenie of my desktop so that you can puke because of apprecieate my customization choices. Peace out!


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