The tiniest personal rants about various issues


Chrome is bad.

It's a meh browser which does the job on a basic level (without really any way to customize and such), whose creator company, in direct mockery of one of their past "mottos", has been polluting it with nasty ideas (spying, rendering adblocking ineffective through their various design proposals and so forth). And yet, its reach is inescapable. Most "alternative" browsers are still based on it's engine - while many (hello Vivaldi) add admirable functionality & customizability they're still chained to the general direction of Chrome.

Now, there are some web browsers which are completely seperate from Chrome - Firefox, Pale Moon, lynx etc. I would encourage you to use them if you can. Also recommended is to try to switch from Google services period (Google Takeout is a good method of getting your data from their services). We don't need a single browser, a single browser engine and a single company dominating the web sphere.

So yeah, real IE hours here. Except there's no smarmy blunders (like not updating the browser) to end the dominance. Personal outlook of the web future: not so good right now.

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